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New Owner Announces Big Plans For InterCasino

Added: April 14, 2014

You may have run across InterCasino if you have spent any time at all in the online casino world. And to be honest, you are not to be blamed if you were thinking that what you saw at InterCasino was simply more of the same old same old stuff you can find at any online casino around the world. In other words, InterCasino was beginning to look a bit faded around the edges.

However, existing fans of InterCasino as well as new online casino players are in for a treat. Spying an opportunity in the online casino space, a Canadian firm just swooped in and bought up InterCasino. That’s not all, this firm also made sure they acquired the sister brands of InterPoker and VIP Casino at the same time.

So what does that mean to the online casino community? Great question. Here is what the new owners had to say about their purchase. In a press release the Canadian firm (Intertain Group, Ltd), made their goals crystal clear. 2014 is going to be about focusing on customer satisfaction and building the best online gaming experience possible.

Company spokespersons went on to explain the new focus. They call it their 3 -Ps. That is, the new owners are committed to focus on the product, performance of the product in all of its versions and last, but not least, the people involved; both online casino players and inhouse staff. As far as product is concerned, Intertain Group is refreshing its online games and adding more. The team has recently been offering more innovative games from BetSoft Gaming. Especially popular games like the 3-D online slot machine games have been a tremendous hit. As a result, InterCasino players can look forward to even more new and exciting games to come.

There’s more. Intertain Group brings considerable online gaming experience to the table. Part of this experience is knowing how to read the online casino market and understand what is working and what the players are looking for.

The management team recognizes that there is now a persistent and seemingly insatiable demand for mobile online casino experiences. In order to make sure that Intertain Group can meet this demand, a fully operational mobile online casino will be launched within the next month if not sooner.

As you can see, InterCasino and its new owners are off to a terrific start. Players can look for a new welcome package to be headed their way very soon.