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New Online Gambling Business Model

Added: Sept. 19, 2016

Chances are you have noticed that as of late, the online gambling market is getting rather crowded. So much so that the incredible amount of competition in the online gambling industry is triggering some rather radical thinking about the best ways to operate as an online gambling site. You can see a terrific example of this with a new online gambling site.

This just launched online gambling site is named Black Type Bet. For the record, Black Type Bet is more of an online sports book than anything else. All the same, pay close attention to what is going on at Black Type Bet as it may well prompt changes in other online gambling sites. Following is what this is all about.

You see, Black Type Bet is making a promise right from the get go. This promise says that Black Type Bet will not in fact ban or cancel or even restrict your account if you turn out to be more of a winning sort of online casino player. Although the very idea of a sports betting site refusing to let you play may sound rather odd, it actually happens much more frequently than you might have guessed.

As you may know, one common practice in the online sports betting world is to cancel or restrict the accounts of online casino players who “win too much”. Thus you can readily see that the position taken by Black Type Bet is a rather refreshing approach and is sure to be appreciated by sports betting fans. Since this approach by Black Type Bet is so unusual, that may very well be all that this new online sports betting site needs to hit the ground running and rather quickly gather an appreciative fan base.

Take note of the fact that Black Type Bet insists that no way no how will your account be restricted if you are the winning sort. Naturally there is the to be expected exception of those Black Type Bet account holders who attempt to use networks of computers to place so call “arb” bets on betting exchanges. Black Type Bet has set up a 3 strikes and you are out policy for this sort of activity.

All the same, you can readily understand the appeal of the approach being taken by Black Type Bet. Bottom line: Black Type Bet is a new approach to online gambling that has the online casino player in mind. Be on the lookout for more news on the to be expected success of the new casino model.