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Massive Shift In Online Gambling

Added: Sept. 29, 2015

Massive as in being so utterly and completely disruptive that this shift will rewrite the rules of online gambling sites and online casinos all over the globe. This shift is being triggered by a recent move by none other than PayPal. You know PayPal of course, the huge payments processing company.

For the record, PayPal has not accepted payments for online gambling in the United States since way back in 2003. You may not remember that was about the time when there were new laws and rules that were enacted about online gambling transactions. Plus, that was back when PayPal actually merged operations with Ebay. You might be interested to learn that before the merger with Ebay, PayPal was in fact the largest payment processor for online gambling transactions. However, that all came to a grinding halt after the merger (and the new regs).

Yet, nowadays PayPal is once again a free and independent company. More to the point, it seems that PayPal has been hard at work behind the scenes all throughout 2014 to bring back online gambling transaction payments. And why not? After all, you don’t have to look very hard to see that there is increased interest in online gambling and online sports betting activities.

As you might well expect, this will make online casino action much smoother (and some would say safer) for online casino fans. After all, PayPal is a known and trusted payments processor all over the world. Better still, the transactions will naturally be faster and easier for online gambling fans.

For the record, although it is not necessarily a secret (after all, you are reading about it right here), the fact of the matter is that PayPal is remaining rather quiet about this new policy change. Speaking of which, according to PayPal’s very own policy statement online gambling transactions are specifically prohibited. That is, unless and until PayPal specifically approves the merchant.

There you go. That’s how this is going to play out. As you can see, PayPal is sort of easing back into the processing of online gambling transactions. This time around, at least according to initial reports, each and every online gambling merchant must be individually approved. No big deal. After all, it is no big stretch to say that just about every legitimate online casino out there will bend over backwards to add PayPal as a payment method.

Bottom line: PayPal’s most recent actions will completely disrupt the online casino world.