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Hopeful Sign For Online Casino Action

Added: Nov. 2, 2015

At least that is what some fans of legalized online action in the U.S. are hoping. This is all happening down in Texas. For those of you that are not quite so familiar with the gambling scene in Texas, suffice it to say that as of now, it is no big thing. Truth be told the opportunities to engage in any sort of casino action is somewhat restricted at the moment.

However, and this is what has proponents of the expansion of online casino action so excited there looks to be a move underfoot to at least examine the issue. Interestingly, this movement is being led by none other than the Texas Lottery Commission. Get this: in no uncertain terms, officials of the Texas Lottery Commission are taking what looks to be a fairly detailed look at other forms of what the Commission is calling lottery games. Sounds innocuous enough does it not?

However what may not be obvious to outsiders is that when the Texas Lottery Commission says they are looking at other forms of lottery games what that really means is that they are actually getting the details on sports betting, online wagering and online casino action.

And lest you start to think this is no big deal, think again. As a matter of fact, the executive director of the Texas Lottery Commission, Gary Grief sent a letter to the director of the Delaware lottery which thanked the Delaware director for the tour of the state’s operations.

Check this out, the letter went on with gushing enthusiasm. Here, see for yourself: “We were particularly pleased to learn about your sports betting, Internet wagering and casino games”. There was more in this letter that somehow found its way to the The Dallas Morning News. Grief went on to make it clear that his tour with the Delaware Director would be very helpful as Texas begins to consider other forms of lottery games in the future. Well how about that? Does that sound like someone who is going to push for expanded online gambling in Texas?

Of course as you might well expect from a conservative state such as Texas, the naysayers are already standing up and waving their hands, shaking their fists and saying not here you don’t. Yet that might not even matter so much.

You see the reality is that more and more people are seeking to enjoy online casino action, online sports betting and the like. What the opponents of online gambling activities seem to keep forgetting is that if people want online casino action they are going to have online casino action, legal or not.