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Hammer Crashing Down On Online Gambling Sites!

Added: Nov. 23, 2015

You may have heard the recent news about daily fantasy sports betting. Recall that not so long ago, online fantasy sports betting activities were viewed by online gambling proponents as a way in. In other words since the legal status of online fantasy sports betting is not so cut and dry, those who are looking to bring in more online casino action to the United States were growing increasingly excited. These folks were almost ecstatic to watch as more and more states began to actively contemplate allowing online fantasy sports betting. After all, it goes without saying that online casino action can’t be much further behind.

At least that was the thinking. Up until some shenanigans were revealed about an employee walking away with a pile of cash after profiting from what can best be called insider information. Suddenly and without any warning, it would seem as if the tide has turned.

If you have been paying attention to news about the online gambling industry as late you might have caught a newsflash about recent action in the state of New York. In no uncertain terms, the state of New York has declared that fantasy sports activities are gambling and thus should be regulated as such. Ouch! Keep in mind that up until just recently that and that alone was the one thing that kept fantasy sports betting from being targeted by federal regulators. The issue of fantasy sports betting as a skilled or at least semi-skilled activity that is.

Naturally, the recent action by the state of New York puts an end to that argument. Unless and until action is taken at the federal level or an online fantasy sports betting company challenges the New York legislation, the road ahead for increased fantasy sports betting is looking a bit more arduous.

For example, you will not be surprised that yet another state is said to be quote “actively investigating “ where fantasy sports betting is gambling. Is this just another case of weak legislators playing following the leader? That is, since New York state has already taken a position on fantasy sports betting, other states may very well piggy back on this action.

This time around it is the state of Illinois that wants the online gambling world to know that is actively investigating fantasy sports betting. Okay then. So you can see where fantasy sports betting is at the moment. Whether this new status is just over eager legislators or whether this is the beginning of the end for online fantasy sports betting remains to be seen.