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Added: June 30, 2014

Another shot across the bow if you will, in the seemingly never-ending quest to legalize online gambling in the United States. This time it’s some good news, at least for those that are pushing for full legalization of all forms of online casino action.

Here’s the latest news, coming to us from no less than the floor of the Pennsylvania Senate. As you may recall, it was reported earlier this year that Pennsylvania legislators were sort of waffling back and forth about the whole idea of online gambling at all. Also, do remember that the government of Pennsylvania, the state of virtue, liberty and Independence (the state motto)is on a tear to bring in more money after the Governor revealed a massive budget shortfall earlier this year.

Anyway,that’s the back story. What’s new is that a procactive state senator by the name of Edwin Erickson has decided enough is enough. He penned his own version of a online gambling bill that he just recently introduced to the State Senate.

Senator Erickson’s online gambling bill is missing one key bit of language that was included in other Pennsylvania gambling bills that had been offered before now. That missing language was all about online poker. More specifically, whereas the prior bills would only have ever authorized online poker, Senator Erickson took the very bold step of making sure that language was not in his bill at all.

Instead his bill reads “…any interactive game approved by…). In other words, the Senator wisely concluded that restricting online gambling to only online poker games was a bit ridiculous. Sort of like being almost pregnant. Either you are or you aren’t. So kudos to the Senator for standing up and actually taking a position on this contentious issue.

That being said, there are some other interesting bits of language in the Senator’s bill that should appeal to the various constituents that have to get on board to see this bill all the way through to becoming a law. For example, start with the money.

After all, Pennsylvania is looking for more of it right? So, this new bill puts the money right up front. Start with the taxes which would be set at a 14% rate. There’s more. To even get a license to set up shop as a Pennsylvania online casino operator will set you back $5Million. Wow, go for it Senator. Fix the budget and bring the people the online casino action they are already looking for. It will be interesting to follow this bill as it makes it way through the process.