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Even Walt Disney Is Getting Into The Game

Added: May 25, 2015

Perhaps you might have missed this story that recently rolled out about the giant media and entertainment company Walt Disney. Yes, the land of Mickey Mouse, theme parks and the like has not so much announced as revealed that the company is getting into the world of online gambling.

At this point, Walt Disney is only looking to get into the world of daily online fantasy sports betting. To some observers, this move by Walt Disney comes as a complete shock. After all, Walt Disney Company has waged what looks to be an all out war against any expansion of gambling and casinos in their home state of Florida.

Yet, to be fair to Walt Disney, you can certainly understand the emphasis on not bringing in land based casinos to the area. Remember, Walt Disney prides itself on its family friendly focus. Not to mention the fact that should a land based casino just so happen to open its doors down the street…well then, those dollars could end up flowing in the wrong direction.

On the other hand, dipping their proverbial toe into the online gambling industry with daily fantasy sports cannot really be called hypocritical. After all, most any hotel in the Orlando area offers adult pay per view movies. In other words, the family atmosphere is still maintained if only adults can engage in daily fantasy sports activity.

How is this going to work? Per the most recent information available, Walt Disney Company is planning on investing $250Million into DraftKings Inc. For the record, DraftKings is a daily fantasy sports betting venue that is setup so that fans can wager on a per game basis. Moreover, the fans can select their favorite player for that game.

You should also note that of all online gambling activity, daily fantasy sports betting has been growing at a furious pace. Naturally, having a name brand company such as Walt Disney put their name on a daily fantasy sports betting venue can only increase the appeal of the venue. Not only that, you can be sure that Walt Disney has real growth numbers in mind when it lays out that kind of cash.

Bottom line: now that the big money is flowing into daily online fantasy sports betting it takes no big stretch of the imagination to see that this can only help the overall online casino industry. After all, online sports betting is but one step removed from online casino action.