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Even Bigger Boost For Online Wagering?

Added: Oct. 26, 2015

Perhaps so. At least that is what quite a few industry insiders are saying after the latest news from New Jersey. By now you are fully aware that the state of New Jersey has been at the forefront of a push to bring online gambling to its residents. Recall that New Jersey was one of the very few states to set up legal regulated online casino sites. You may also be aware that the outspoken Governor, Chris Cristie has been vigorously pursuing the legalization of online sports betting for his residents. So that’s your backstory, the background to make sense of the latest news.

What recently came about was actually the result of a rather protracted and lengthy licensing investigation. The investigation was all about and whether or not this storied online gambling company should even be considered. As you may recall, PokerStars was driven out when the United States Department of Justice flexed its muscle and basically shut down the company’s site in the U.S. back in 2011. Although the charges were in fact dismissed, there was a settlement order mandating certain actions. Considering all of the above, it is no wonder that New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement took so long to make a decision.

However, this time around it is important to understand that PokerStars was actually acquired by Amaya Gaming Group in the later part of 2014. Anyway, the headline news that actually user in a new era for online gambling is that New Jersey just gave PokerStars a thumbs up. Interestingly, the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement released an 89 page report with details of their investigation. The point you should get here is that this approval likely would never have occurred without the acquisition of PokerStars by Amaya Gaming Group.

Speaking about the agreement, David Baazov the CEO of Amaya Gaming had this to say about the agreement:”…significant milestone for the group and something we should all be proud of”. Consider that PokerStars is in no uncertain terms the world’s largest online gambling site. With this recent news from New Jersey, there is already talk among the big time players about possibly pooling players across multiple states. Obviously a lot has to happen before that is possible.

All the same you can now see why there is so much excitement about this new agreement. Don’t be surprised if you start to see other signs of changes for legal regulated online gambling in other states and possibly the entire country.