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Early Bird Gets The Worm?

Added: March 3, 2014

Perhaps so. Check out the latest news in the online gambling world. Coming to us from Bulgaria in fact, this news is another clear illustration of how online gambling operators are rushing in to take advantage of new legal online casino regulations.

You know the name PokerStars of course. If you are already an online gambling fan or you simply follow the course of events with online casinos you will find PokerStars all over the place. Back in 2012, Pokerstars is estimated to have 50 million registered players making it the largest online poker platform worldwide. For the record, PokerStars already holds active licenses in France, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Belgium as well as Germany.

You also know that the number of locations that are looking to offer or expand their legalized online gambling and regulated online casinos has been steadily increasing. So it will be no surprise to learn that Pokerstars just landed another big win.

In a recent press release, it was revealed that PokerStars is set to make their debut in Bulgaria. The Gambling Commission of Bulgaria only just recently approved a new license application from PokerStars. Representatives from PokerStars indicate that they intend to go live in a few short weeks as soon as a few final technical requirements are satisfied.

Why Bulgaria and why now? Understand that Bulgaria is home to a very large number of poker fans. Not only that, but some Bulgarian poker players like Dimitar Danchev made world headlines when he won the 2013 PokerStars Caribean Adventure main event for an incredible $1,859,000. This stardom has only served to increased the popularity of poker play. Local poker fans are eagerly awaiting the availability of a legalized venue to enjoy online poker play. Conveniently for Bulgaria’s poker fans, PokerStars has just what they are looking for.

Company spokespersons were quick to point out that they are delighted with the opportunity to offer their services to the local online poker player and are excitedly awaiting the final approval from the Bulgarian Gambling Commission.

The bottom line is this: legalized online gambling is growing around the world. Pokerstars is getting in at a good time as the the market for online gambling continues to grow and expand.