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Could There Be A New Leader In Legal Casino Action In The U.S?

Added: Feb. 6, 2017

It turns out that quite a number of in the know online gambling industry observers are keeping a rather close eye on the state of New York. Why so, what is going on in New York with respect to online gambling? With all of the media noise and attention on the election that surprised quite a number of supposed experts you might have missed the stories on what is happening in New York.

Following is what you should know. New York may in fact be the next state to go all the way, to legalize online casino action and online gambling in general. Perhaps you already know that towards the end of last year, New York proudly swung open the doors to the first traditional (as in brick and mortar) casino in Tioga Downs. This casino is notable for the hard to overlook fact that it has no relationship at all with any sort of tribal casino.

In other words, New York legislators took the previously considered impossible step of authorizing a casino that has nothing to do with the traditional tribal casino. Pay close attention to the fact that this rather bold step by the New York legislature effectively ended a long standing tribal monopoly for casinos and gambling sites.

For the record, this sort of action was first authorized back in the year when 2013 when New York state voters clearly expressed their intention to set up four additional gambling sites. Interestingly, even though Tioga Downs was the last such gambling site to be approved it is the first to open its doors.

So that raises the question of what, if anything does this have to do with online gambling sites in New York? In a word, its about the eventual authorization of legal online casinos in the state. You see, proponents of legal online casino action are confident that once legislators take a look at the additional revenue flowing in from the newly authorized non-tribal casino gambling sites then legal online casino gambling sites will be the next logical step.

After all, you can’t ignore the fact that the state of New Jersey has already proven that online casinos and traditional land based gambling sites can co-exist and actually thrive. Furthermore, like many states in the U.S., any and all additional sources of much needed revenue are sure to be welcomed.

Bottom line: keep a close eye on the state of New York this year. New York may very well be the next state to authorize online casino action.