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Canada Online Casino Issues with Bet365 and ALC

Added: Oct. 21, 2013

Or just the rantings of a frustrated local casino? You have to decide for yourself of course. Let’s take a look at the latest in the battle for the casino dollar.

Actually, when all the dust settles, that’s what its all about, isn't’ it? That is, the ever elusive hunt for the online casino player’s dollar. Take a look at the latest news and you will soon see for yourself. It turns out that this issue made headline news in Canada recently. As you may know, Canada already allows local land based casinos. However, the issue is with offshore online casinos that are grabbing Canadian online casino players.

In fact there are so many casino players ignoring local casinos and enjoying their favorite online gambling and casino play with offshore operators that some local casinos attempted to put a stop to it by filing a formal complaint with government officials.

You see, competition is already pretty intense within Canada itself in the casino business. Then, add to this fierce competition hundreds, if not thousands of casino players defecting to offshore online gambling operators and you can easily see why some of the locals are up in arms. For example, you may be familiar with the company Atlantic Lottery Corporation. Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) operates lottery games in Atlantic Canada. The CEO, Mr Brent Scrimshaw complained to government officials that an illegal online gambling operator was advertising for business at a Canadian Football Leauge in New Brunswick. Interesting and frustrating for Mr. Scrimshaw is the fact the ad was for the Bet365.

In case you didn’t know, Bet365 is one of the world’s leaders in online gambling. Bet365 reportedly has more than seven million online casino customers spread out over two hundred countries. Can you see why Mr. Scrimshaw is up in arms? Here on his home turf, a representative of his biggest competition for the casino and lottery players money is right there advertising in his space. Ouch!

Yet, what Mr. Scrimshaw is either not admitting or not willing to face up to is that more and more people are being lured into the online casino and online gambling experience. Really, who can blame them? Online casinos offer many advantages that local competitors just can’t match. Only time will tell how this story unfolds going forward.