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Finally A Break For The Little Guy?

Added: Sept. 30, 2013

Perhaps, let’s take a closer look, a look at bonuses and how some bonus systems may be excluding some want-to-be online casino players.

This is all about the sign up bonuses offered to new online casino players. You have probably seen, in fact it would be very hard to miss, the welcome to our site offers from various online casino and online gambling websites out there. Yet have you noticed an interesting pattern to these bonuses? In case you haven’t figured this out, its almost a pay to play bonus system.

In other words, a large majority of the online casino sites out there send out a welcome to our online gambling site bonus that changes depending on how much you initially deposit. This most commonly shows up as a higher percentage casino match. Here, take a look at this illustration, that will make the point easier to see and understand. Suppose someone turns you on to a really cool online casino, let’s call them BigD Casino. BigD rolls out the welcome mat, throws down the red carpet and invites you on in. Then, they make it clear, the more money you deposit up front, the bigger your deposit is going to be. In this case, BigD offers a 50% matching bonus, up to the first five hundred dollars you deposit. You, being a bit short of cash this month can only pony up $100.00 to start. That’s Okay, BigD welcomes you on in and immediately credits your account with another $50.00. Wow, now you are “up”, at least in terms of casino money.

But take a look at this another way. Suppose one of your neighbors, you know the guy that drives the black Mercedes signs up on the same day. He has plenty of money in his pocket and deposits $500.00 into his new BigD online casino account. Just like you, he is welcomed with open arms and his account is credited for another $250.00.

Wait a minute, why should he get such a big amount? Hmmm, is that fair? Of course fair is a subjective decision. You will have to decide for yourself. Or, forget about fair and head over to an online casino that actually welcomes the small guy. Hey, there is nothing wrong with starting small. Consider, with a few good win streaks behind you, you could be in the same winner league.