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Big Boost For Real Money Online Gambling Sites

Added: March 28, 2016

With all of the offers flying at you from all directions you may well have missed hearing about an exciting new development for online casino action in the United States. You already know that the status of legal online casino action is literally all over the map in the United States. While a good majority of states in the U.S. currently prohibit online gambling sites, a few forward thinking states such as New Jersey have taken a different tact. You may well recall that the state of New Jersey was one of the most proactive states way back in 2013 to fight and win to bring online casino to New Jersey residents. By all means, New Jersey has proved to the rest of the U.S. that legal online casino action can and does work. With that in mind, you will not be surprised to learn of a new development coming from New Jersey.

You see, none other than Poker Stars is on track to launch in New Jersey. Truth be told, it would hard to actually overstate this latest news about Poker Stars and New Jersey. Consider the widely acknowledged fact that Poker Stars handles almost 70% of the world’s online poker market. Get this: the latest report from Poker Stars indicates that 16,000 cash game players enjoy online poker play each and every weeks. A sizable and quite respectable number of online casino patrons by any stretch of the imagination. For comparison sakes, take a look at the other player in the online poker field, that of 888poker. The numbers associated with 888poker work out to a weekly average of a mere 2,400 cash game online poker players. In other words, in no uncertain terms it is quite apparent that Poker Stars is the big gorilla for online poker play.

Yet here is the good news for the state of New Jersey and all of the online poker players that live in New Jersey. When Poker Stars launches in New Jersey, the PokerStars New Jersey network is expected to come out as strong competition to lay claim to the title of the most played online poker site. The one stumbling block that may get in the way is the current online gambling site laws on the books which stipulate that online poker play be limited to online casino players residing in New Jersey.

Nevertheless, you can readily understand the excitement of online casino player from New Jersey about the upcoming arrival of PokerStars.