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Big Bluff Or Beginning Of The End?

Added: June 9, 2014

Better hold your nose if you are getting anywhere close to Washington D.C. There seems to be an increasing number of skirmishes breaking out in the battle (war?) over the legalization or the prohibition of online gambling in the United States.

You already know all about Sheldon Adelson. The billionaire CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation publicly vowed to spend any amount necessary to protect his turf. Remember that Adelson is all about land-based casinos. Obviously any expansion of online gambling takes money out of his wallet. Keep that in mind as you read all about the latest and greatest from the battle to legalize online gambling.

Coming to us from the great state of Nevada, there is news of a draft of new legislation being considered to be put forth. Now get this, this new bill has not even been introduced formally yet. Instead, the proponents of online gambling prohibition has floated what is euphemistically referred to as a “trial balloon”. For those of you not quite up to speed on political lingo, a trial balloon is like dipping your toe into the bath water to see if the temperature feels right.

In this case, the terms in this trial balloon would effectively end online casinos in the United States as they now exist. This hypothetical legislation would outlaw online gambling and online casinos throughout the nation. But hold on, there is a tiny little exception hidden in the bill. This exception would exempt some gambling sports such as horse racing, lotteries, that sort of thing.

Those in the know suggest that this trial balloon is suspiciously similar to proposed legislation back in 2012. Interestingly, none other than Nevada Senator Dean Heller voiced his support for this sort of legislation. More specifically, Senator Heller made it clear that he would offer his support for any bill banning online gambling if there was an exception for online poker.

Hmm, isn’t that interesting? So it’s okay to outlaw all other forms of online gambling except online poker? What’s up with that? You may also note that this latest “proposed legislation” showed up suspiciously close to the timing of the American Gaming Association’s (AGA) withdrawal of support against the ban.

However this plays out in the end, you have to admit, the players are putting on a good show.