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Are Online Casinos Stuck In The Past?

Added: Sept. 12, 2016

Stuck in the past as in only being willing to do provide online casino action the same way that was offered last year and the year before? In other words, have the vast majority of online casino operators out there settled into an online casino model that is not so willing to venture out and embrace cutting edge technology? Technology that although somewhat new and still not widely braced, could actually completely rewrite the rules on online casino visits.

The technology being discussed here today is, of course that of virtual reality technology. While it is true that there has been quite a bit of hype about the promises of virtual reality technology over the last few years, it is only just recently that you are able to spot real world applications.

Truth be told, there are some forward thinking casino industry observers who are quick to point out that virtual reality could turn out to be the next wave of so-called entertainment technology innovation. To get a better grasp on the possibilities envisioned, all you have to do is to think back and consider the profound effects that the Internet had on the casino industry.

Perhaps this illustration will make the point. Imagine that you show up at your favorite online casino site. Yet this time, you head for the virtual reality section and you don your Virtual Reality headgear. Immediately, your whole experience is transformed. Now you find yourself on what looks to be a real casino floor. All around you hear the exact same sounds and you see many of the same sights that you would experience had you stepped onto the floor of a land based or brick and mortar casino. Are you starting to sense the possibilities?

Naturally this begs the question of why you are not yet seeing virtual reality sections at your favorite online casino. Is it a question of waiting for further developments in virtual reality hardware? Is it a question of waiting for clear and obvious online casino player demand? Whatever the reason or perhaps for no reason at all, the truth of the matter is that at this point it is hard to find an online gambling site that is even considering the idea.

Perhaps it is only a matter of time. Once one online casino site offers virtual reality casino experiences and online casino players embrace the new format you can expect every other online gambling site to jump on board. Till then, virtual reality online casino experiences are but a coming attraction at best.