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Another Cave-in Or Sign Of The Times?

Added: Sept. 22, 2014

You already know that online gambling and online casinos are spreading rapidly throughout the civilized world. Well, probably the uncivilized world too, but that’s another story. For now, we look to none other than the country of Mexico to see how fast online gambling is spreading.

Yes, that’s right, Mexico. Not exactly the name of a country on the tip of your tongue when you speak about online gambling to be sure. Yet, that is not the point. The thing to get here is Mexico is a text book case example of legislators finally “getting it”. Getting it as in looking up from their desks and finally noticing what is going on all around them. Not only that, in the case of Mexico, there was an extra bit of incentive that helped pushed the legislators over the edge.

Here’s what is going on. It turns out that this latest move is actually a long-awaited update to the already existing gambling laws within the country. As you may already know, Mexico has land-based casinos scattered throughout the country. Yet, the existing gambling laws on the books were long overdue for an update. That is exactly what the country’s gaming regulation authority, the Association of Licensees, Operators and Suppliers of Gaming and Enforcement (AIEJA) have in mind.

The proposed updates have already been drafted and introduced to Parliament. From there it expected to be relatively smooth sailing through Mexico’s House of Representatives with final approval expected by the end of September, if not earlier. The politicians would normally refer to this type of legislative push as being Fast Tracked.

Online casino operators are most likely waiting eagerly for this legislation to get passed. These casino operators know that the legislators feel a need to finally update the antiquated gambling laws to be more in line with the modern era.

Additionally, online casino operators and even land based casino operators are welcoming this new legislation for the simple reason that it promises to bring a sense or order and responsibility to the Mexican gambling industry. As it stands right now, there are sparse rules or regulations about online casinos and online gambling or even sports betting.

The new legislation aims to address all of that and help bring the Mexican gambling industry into the modern era. At the same time, the introduction of rules and regulations will go a long way to address some illicit activities such as corruption and money-laundering that are currently benefiting from loose gambling laws.