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What’s Going On With All Slots Casino?

Added: Sept. 23, 2013

Just in case you missed it, All Slots Casino is turning heads all over the U.K. From seemingly out of nowhere, all of a sudden, the mobile app from All Slots casino has jumped up into the coveted top five spot for casino games.

What’s the big deal here? Perhaps it will be more clear once you take a moment to stop and reflect what it means to make that list. The rise of the All Slots Casino in one sense reflects a good sign. That sign is a ever growing popularity in the online casino app playing field. Apparently there is something or more likely many things that this mobile app offers that propelled it to the top five list. Let’s take a closer look.

First, just who is All Slots Casino anyway? Are they some fly-by night newcomer to the online gambling world or something else entirely? A little digging reveals that in fact, All Slots Casino has been around the block a few times, to use an older expression. Actually, they first set up shop way back in the year 2000. Yes, back in year 2000, what is politely referred to as the dark ages of the Internet.

Anyway, the point is that from that very early beginning, they have come a long way. Nowadays, All Slots Casino is considered by some to be one of the best online slot machine game casinos out there, period. Powered by the unique software from Microgaming, All Slots offers online casino games in both download and flash versions. More importantly for this article however, is their mobile casino apps which are making headlines around the world.

So what triggered the recent avalanche of downloads for their newest app that was just released a few short weeks ago? Actually, it turns out, that in less than three months, the latest All Slots Casino app has moved way past more established apps. Perhaps its the virtually universal device capability. Take a look, the new All Slots Casino app works equally well on tablets, mobile phones using either IoS, Android, or even HTML5 for those online casino players with Windows tablets. Or, perhaps its the release of three new online slot machine games. These new games are labeled Pure Platinum, 5-Reel Drive, and Couch Potato.

Whatever the real reason for their sudden rise in popularity, All Slots Casino and their new mobile app seem to be a winner. Only time will tell if All Slots continues to rise in popularity or gets overtaken by the latest and greatest.